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Icesta Fresh Water Slurry Ice Machine Icesta Fresh Water Slurry Ice Machine
Icesta Fresh Water Slurry Ice Machine Icesta Fresh Water Slurry Ice Machine

Icesta Fresh Water Slurry Ice Machine

  • Ice Making System 
Product Description

slurry ice machine

What is Sub-cooled Ice Making

1. Due to absence of condensation nuclei, water in liquid form at a Temp lower than 0 C is called  Sub-cooled Water. Sub-cooled water, when under the influence of external stimulation (fast  agitation, addition of other impurity particles, collision or ultrasonic stimulation), shall desist  from its sub-cooling status and start internal heat exchanging, which causes some portion of sub  cooled water to become tiny ice crystals.  

2. Refrigeration Heat Exchanging Unit produces stable cooling capacity to generate sub-cooled  water with our patented Technology. And the Crystallization System shall dissolve the sub-cooled  status and allow the water to draw in the cooling capacity and change to ice slurry. Sub-cooled  water is in the form of liquid when flowing through the heat exchanging unit, which is the best  status for heat exchanging efficiency. Sub-cooled fresh water ice slurry making is the most effective  and energy-friendly way for ice making globally. 

3. Sub-cooled ice making system uses refrigerant or refrigeration medium to making sub-cooled  water, which operates at the evaporation temp of -3 to -5 degrees. This is the best ice making  working conditions, compared to -15 to -30 degrees evaporation temp for traditional ice making  ways. The maximum COP/EER that is reached by sub-cooled ice making system is invincible. 

fresh water slurry ice machine

Working Principle sub cool fluid ice machine

Details of A complete Sub cooled ice slurryfluid ice machine

1.  Ice Making units (A) continuously chill the water stored in Ice storage silo ( B) until the temp goes down to -2C under  which circumstances slurry ice shall be generated on top of the Ice storage Silo ( B); 

2. Ice storage Silo ( B) has an ice wiper assembly (C ) attached with a gearbox driven system, which throws ice down through  the chute to the ice distribution devices ( D) or ( E) via centrifugal force. And dry ice delivered into ( D) or Slurry ice delivered  into (E ) shall be delivered to different ice use points (F ). 

3. Slurry ice Stirring unit (E ) shall deliver chilled slurry ice of different concentration ratios to various ice use points with a  special screw pump.

Why Sub-cooled Slurry Ice System

1. Energy Saving

A. High Heat Exchange Efficiency Heat Exchanging happens between  water and the cooling medium through  plate exchanger with a temp difference of  0.5 Deg. That is an unparalleled feature of  this ice maker. 微信图片_20220210094904

B. High Evaporating Temp The Evap Temp shall be kept  between -3 to -5 C, which is higher than  any artificial ice making. That assures  the system to work in a status of high  COP, which is incomparable by all standards.微信图片_20220210095027

2. Efficient Fresh-Keeping微信图片_20220210092538

50μm ice crystals accumulate when the sub-cooled ice slurry is produced, which shall  form soft and flowing ice bed. This type of ice slurry is ideal for fresh keeping as it can fill  full any space left by the products. That will achieve incomparable coolness to that of solid  ice.

3. Well-suited Storage & Application

The fluidity of ice slurry makes its storage and application convenient and laborless.  The storage facility can be a stand-alone & insulated fiberglass silo, which features a  confined foot print. Silos are well structured for automatic applications: dry ice slurry can  be wiped down from top and mixed with cold water and pumped to different ice use points  at desired ice concentration. While solid ice can be more troubling for transportation.  微信图片_20220210092619


1. Thermal Storage in AC and other Fields 

The thermal storage procedure is realized by ice slurry in the form of latent heat. The energy storage  density in the storage tank shall be 12RTh/m3. The refrigeration unit shall work at hours of lowly priced  electricity and energy stored this way shall be used at hours of highly priced electricity in an attempt to save  energy cost.微信图片_20220210092659







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